Project Management Office for the implementation of the “Non-Performing Loans/NPL Resolution Strategy” in Greece

Bank of Greece engaged S.K. AEGIS to develop and operate a PMO within the Bank of Greece for the implementation of the “Non-Performing Loans Resolution Strategy” in Greece.

The project was initiated by the Institutional Lenders.

The stakeholders for this project are the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Development the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Special Secretariat of Private Debt, Bank of Greece, the banks and the Hellenic Financial Stability Funds/HFSF.

The PMO provides indicatively among others services in the following fields: a) project management plan b) management of project deliverables c) support communication and coordination of the various stakeholders d) risk matrix analysis e) calculation of Key Performance Indicators/KPIs f) monitoring and reporting deliverables to the Institutions of IMF, ESM, ECB and EC.