• 11/22/2013

    Technical Auditing & Expertise Opinion

    On the one hand the inexperience of workers, the lack of specialized tools, sometimes the rush, and on the other hand the hardware failure, has offen created problems not only to plants themselves, but also to the public network of PPC (harmonics, Flicker, disorders, etc) and so the producer does not have the expected performance, […]

  • 12/05/2012

    Power Quality Measurements Services

    When any electrical system fails to meet its purpose, it is time to look into the problem, identify the cause, and proceed to corrective action. The purpose of any electrical distribution system is to support proper operation of the loads. When a load does not operate properly, the quality of the electric power in the […]

  • Licensing permitting procedure for energy – renewables – coproduction

    Energy – Renewables – Coproduction Energy is over the last decade in the center of the global investing community and there is one way forward for humanity as far as Green Energy Investments are concerned. All the countries around the world are progressing in renewing their energy production facilities in order to match increasing demand […]