The Greek Investment Law (Law No. 3908/2011), published on 1st February 2011 and subsequently modified by Laws 4072/12, 4155/13, 4146/13 and 4242/14, specifies the total amount of funding allocated to investment projects based on the Regional State Aid Map as ratified by the European Commission and effected until 30th June 2014.

The regional State Aid Map EU Member States under the EU rules on State Aid. Under the new Regional Aid Map guidelines for the period 2014 – 2020, aid funding is provided for the whole Greek Region at rates reaching up to 45% of the total region, subject to the size of the applicant company, the type and location of the investments and the requested budget amount.

Pursuant to the new regional aid map for the period 2014 – 2020 as adopted by the EU and ratified since 1st July 2014, the new Investment Law is expected to come into effect soon. According to announcements by the implicated ministerial offices, the institutional aid framework is due to be significantly amended, both in terms of assessment and verification procedures as well as per the format of the determinants vis-à-vis the businesses eligibility criteria, expenses and subsidy forms.

S.K. Aegis offers a vast expertise within Investment Law – EU Grants, having advised over the past years on a wide range of executed projects with a transactional value exceeding € 2 billion, with a 100% success rate in obtaining EU Grants of ca. €750 million for its clients.

In addition, the new Investment Law intends to implement considerable amendments, with the aim to vastly differentiate and upgrade the ongoing institutional framework as well as render it noticeably more attractive and attainable for businesses and organizations to submit their applications.

Furthermore, new application processes are intended to be instigated, aiming to accelerate the application review and approval processes to the submitted investment plans. Apart from the overhaul of the application review and approval processes, the new Investment Law seeks to advance the fund disbursement control and settlement mechanisms, encouraging time efficiency for the provision of the grants to the approved business and enterprise proposals.

At S.K. AEGIS, we offer integrated advisory services products based on our cumulative specialist expertise and the multi-project competence of our executive teams as per the following:

  • Initial technical & financial evaluationfor the eligibilityof the enterprise initiative under the Development Law
  • Comprehensive investment proposal assessment and selection of funding structure
  • Technical & Financial Feasibility studies
  • Preparation and submission of the investment Grant Application
  • Project support throughout the Grant Application Assessment process
  • Project Management services, comprehensive Assessment Process support and Grant Disbursement supervision services


More information can be found on our website, especially dedicated to the Investment Law.

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