Valuation Advisory

Based on our valuation and investment banking experience we have strengthened our team with certified specialists in property & real estate valuation and we frankly offer independent valuation advisory services for all Real Estate sectors like

  • Commercial and residential properties like buildings or building under construction, office, retail premises, parking areas, shopping centres, residential buildings, entertainment facilities etc
  • Hotels and Touristic investments
  • Special properties like islands & beaches
  • Sport facilities
  • Urban and non-urban land parcels
  • Warehouses and industrial property
  • Plant and machinery
  • Real estate rights

which can be used for following purposes

  • IAS – IFRS
  • Sales & leasing purposes
  • Project funding
  • Investment assessment
  • Negotiations
  • Damages & claims
  • Portfolio restructurings
  • Expertise opinion
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Taxation and Insurance
  • Urban Planning
  • Agency financial damages
  • Property investment and portfolio management
  • Feasibility studies on income and/or return on investment
For more info, contact:
Ilias Kyriakopoulos