Drawing from its exclusive expertise and highly qualified specialists, S.K. AEGIS stands to deliver first-class advisory services to the Public Sector.

S.K. AEGIS aims to deliver high quality specialist consulting services within the scope of Public Administration’s managerial and operational demands, as well as to commit its Advisory and Technical competencies to the continuous fulfilment of all plannednational and regional development objectives.

Ourconsulting services, specifically tailored for the public sector,involve the:

  • Central &BroadGovernmentSector: Ministries, Regional Entities,Management & Project Planning &Administration authorities, OrganizationsandPublic Utilities.
  • Government Agencies: Prefectures, Municipalities, Development Corporations, Public-benefit Corporations and Independent Local Government Agencies (LGAs).
  • Private sector: Greek and foreign institutional investors pursuing public sector asset investments either in collaboration with local authorities or special purpose entities through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).
  • Public and Private SectorEntities:IndependentNPOs, Enterprises, Chambers of Commerce, Cultural Foundations, Associations, Clubs
  • InternationalCo-operationInitiatives: Transnational Partnerships, Associations, Multinational Enterprises, Banks& Building Societies, NGOs.


Within this context,S.K. AEGIS provides – amongst other things – the following products:

  • Advisory servicesfor theDesign &Evaluation of Operational Programmes
  • Support of PPP/PFI Transaction funding processes.
  • Advisoryservices forComprehensive Management of Co-fundedProjects
  • Origination of Sector Studies
  • Origination of Regional Development Studies
  • Origination of Operational Efficiency & Attribution Studies for Public Sector and Local GovernmentAgencies
  • Confirmation/ Implementation of Managerial Adequacy System
  • Real Estate Valuation & Development services
  • Specialist services in European Union Programmes
  • Origination of Feasibility Studies
For more info, contact:
Panagiotis Grivas