Design and evaluation of operational programs

Our firm has accumulated several years of expertise in the procurement of exclusive advisory productsas well as in the Design & Evaluation Management of Operational Programmes (O.P.s)for Community Support Framework (CSF)initiatives and, in particular, in the corporate representation of entities-beneficiaries of such O.P.s.

Each O.P. is subjected to a diverseschedule of comprehensive assessment criteria and quality indicators underpinned by its locational and administrative implications, available funding resources and their investment funding directives, programme-specific implications and idiosyncrasies given the project’s locational, managerial and time-horizon prerequisites.

Throughout its implementation, each project tends to progress under dynamic conditions which often alter the programme’s origination elements. In each case, our executive advisors take full ownership of the project’s dynamic syntheses with the required foresight, analytical dexterity and tenacity to quickly adapt to itsdynamic conditions.Our firm’s executive forcesbring along several years of accumulative experiencein overseeing and instructing the successful completion of projects of similar size and scope,providing all necessary competencies and support resources.

Our company has an experienced and fully committed executive staffin the evaluationmanagement of Operational Programmes,possessing all necessary insight and know-how of the structural funds regulations, the operational characteristics (beyond the fundamental business characteristics and idiosyncrasies) as well as the needs of the operational programmes.

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