Implementation of administrative competence

S.K. AEGIS provides specialist expertise in the development and confirmation/implementation of Managerial AdequacyAssessment systems by theManaging Authority (Managing Authority of the Operational Programme) for the various stakeholders, in order for them to be granted participation in public funding programmes and the implementation of NSRF Programmes as well as several other co-funded EU Programmes.

The aforementioned confirmation/implementation of Managerial Adequacy Systems is prepared to be fully compliant with the Greek ELOT 1429:2008, in order for designated Specialist Authorities to confirm the managerial adequacy of the potential beneficiariesfor NSRF Operational Programmes as well as other funded EU Programmes vis-à-vis the implementation of public sector projects. Selected beneficiaries must demonstrate that they operate a Management System under authorised procedures at least for the following functions:

  • Project scheduling
  • Assignment and management of contracts
  • Monitoring and certification of the projects’ physical aspects
  • The financial management of projects


Specifically, S.K. AEGIS undertakes:

  • The preparation of the application-documentation for the successful approval of the managerialadequacy of entities by the DesignatedManagingAuthority
  • The support of the confirmation process of entities’ Managerial Adequacy in order to meet the criteria of the managerial capacity of potential beneficiaries of the Operational Programmes
For more info, contact:
Nikitas Karakatsanis