Integrated management of co-financed projects

S.K. AEGIS offers extensive cumulative experience and expertisein the design, organisation and management of national as well as European programmes atnational, regional and local leveland, in particular, within the management of Co-fundedProgrammes. S.K. AEGIS specialises in the project monitoring processes acquiring comprehensiveoversight over all required processes associated with the project’s front-to-end life-cycle stages, from early stages of origination to all project completionactions.

S.K. AEGIS has undertaken and successfully completed the operational management and execution of several prominent Public Sector co-funded projects and, in particular, its provision of expert advice on the determination and provision of Endorsed Projects for the Greek Fire-stricken Regions, funded under the Regional Operational Programme ‘ROP 2007-2013’ with a total expenditure outturn of ca. € 125 million.

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Panagiotis Grivas