Independent Business Review

S.K. AEGIS ’s Independent Business Review services products relate to:

  • Fundamental Business Review – aims to detect elements, based on which Restructuring & Reorganisation may be warranted
  • Design & Construction of Financial Model – aims to amplify the degree of forecastability of financial distress
  • Business Targets Review & Specification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Assessment of Corporate Structures and Internal Procedures
  • Performance enhancement and increase value for stakeholders

Specification of Deliverables

Deliverables refer to the publication of the Review Report vis-à-vis Restructuring or Intervention proposals, the design and introduction of the “tailor-made” multi-criteria analytics model and corporate behaviour scoring system, which will be based on qualitative and quantitative parameters adapted to reflect the incumbent situation of the enterprise, analysing its historical financial reports and delivering dynamic platforms for future assessment and clear decision making process..

The Independent Business Review report:

Is addressed to

->Equity sponsors

  • Is addressed to the company’s Director(s) as well as the designated business strategy decision officials.
  • Analyses the company’s current situation
  • Advises over potential risks to the company
  • Conducts assessment incorporating a benchmark over the degree of significance
  • Advises on specific guidelines over the implementation of proposed changes, to the extent that these are feasible and performance monitoring.
For more info, contact:
Nikitas Charchalakis