Energy saving

Energy Consumption Reduction, a.k.a. Energy Saving, results corroboratively from efficient utilisation of energy resources by means of more advanced efficiency technologies or processes for buildings, industrial plants, transportation sectors, appliances, interior/exterior electrical light transmission, etc. Thesetechnologies pertain mostly to heavy-weight energy consumption sectors, e.g. buildings, hotel units and large-scale industry complexes, aiming to efficiently reduce operational energy requirements, e.g. heating and hot water production, cooling system deployment,room/site lighting, etc.

Our indicative energy saving management activities pertain to:

  • Installation of BEMS-Building Energy Management Systems
  • Introduction of solar thermal technology or geothermal energy for heating and hot water production
  • Replacement of solar panels with modern low-emission analogues
  • Interior and bespoke building site heat insulation
  • Replacing existing boilers
  • Interventions on heating installations and domestic hot water production
  • Using new lighting technology
  • Heat cogeneration Installations with or without the use of biomass


S.K. AEGIS offers the following services in this area, which may be included within an approved investment plan for funding:

  • Development of an Energy Auditin order to identify and prioritise energy-saving interventions according to the energy and economic performanceand the amount of the required capital.
  • Draftingof technical descriptionof proposedenergy saving projectsaccompaniedby an analytical reportforthe documentationof the energy,environmental and economic efficiencyof proposedprojects
  • Draftingdetailedspecificationsof the requiredenergy saving projects
  • Define valuation of saved energy protocols on proposed investments
  • Identification of key power management issues and proposals to address them
  • Drafting tender documents for the construction and financing of energy-saving and RES projects
  • Provision of Energy& Technical Advisory servicesthroughout all stages of implementation of energy saving projects.
  • Issuance of energy efficiency certification based on KENAK,prior and after the intervention.
  • Project Management services (auctions, evaluations, monitoring, report issuance, etc.)
  • Project Licensing Studies (production permits, environmental permits, licenses and installation of fire protection systems, building permits)
  • Energy audit for documentation of results within three months after completion of the project


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