Environmental licensing

S.K. AEGIS provides integrated services covering the entire spectrum of environmental issues and needs of modern corporations such as environmental licensing, design and development of environmental management systems, environmental inspections, among others.We engage with companies helping them to see the issue of environmental protection as a functional factor in their daily activity, not simply as a business strategy.

Our expertise combined with a detailed analysis of environmental legislation provides us the means for the excellent preparation of each project, taking into account the changing legal framework.

Our services are designed to meet the increasingdemands of legislation and comprise:

  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Waste Management Studies (collection, transportation, storage and processing) for hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • Sewage Disposal&Wastewater Treatment Studies
  • Studies for the Development of Alternative Management Systems for waste-packaging and other waste products
  • Studies on the identification and implementation of Best Available Techniques (BAT – Best Available Techniques) in the production process according to EU Directive IPPC (Integrated and Prevention Pollution Control)
  • Comprehensive assessment of gaseous emissions from activities based on Life Cycle Analysis and evaluation of environmental cost
  • Estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions covered by Directive 2003/87/EC (Emissions trading)
  • Establishment of measures and procedures to prevent and address the risks of Major Industrial Accidents by the presence of hazardous substances ΒΑΜΕ – SEVESO
  • Major Accident Prevention Policy and Safety Management System according to SEVESO Directive
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Kostas Katsikaris