S.K. Aegis offers top notch comprehensive procedures covering all major sectors of focus, such as Energy, Industrials, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Logistics, etc., along with invaluable expertise in the various technical matters, in liaising with the relevant authorities and understanding the changing regulatory environment. Whether we discuss about the construction of a production unit, the origination of a new project, the expansion or implementation of an existing one, we seek to adhere to the relevant regulatory compliance and undertake a series of concrete steps to obtain the necessary licensing permits.

For this purpose, the design and implementation of each study, the monitoring and managementof the entire project life-cycle and the liaison with the respective public authorities are vital in order to successfully obtain the licensing permits and at an advantageous time setting. Consequently, choosing the right partner, who is able to complete and manage all the challenging procedures, represents one of the most important milestones throughout the project development stage.

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