Α.Α. Project name Budget
1 Independent valuation of two plots of land (including inspection, past date valuation and Natura limitations) with a total surface of about 818.000 sqm in Zakynthos Confidential
2 IFRS Valuation for a Portfolio of more than 260 Real Estate Assets  for YE 2013 and YE 2014 Confidential
3 Independent annual rental valuation for lease purposes varying from 20 to 60 years for 17 Real Estate properties including site inspection, detailed asset description, legal framework and urban planning analysis, sectoral analysis, methodologies analysis and description of each methodology each time applied Confidential
4 «Desktop Independent valuation of a diverse real estate portfolio of 41 properties for securitization purposes including hotels, commercial properties, beaches and land plots» Confidential
5 Estimate 20 lease contracts in old coasts and in other properties in terms of short-term and commercial leases .Autopsy reports estimate the market value and the Annual rental value selected properties from the portfolio of Public Properties Company with particular emphasis on old beachfronts, which has already been paid as provided for by the Law.4261 / 14 advance and in beachfronts of  Public Properties Company and other properties in terms of short and commercial leases by the company, under the conditions described  Confidential
6 Assessment report of the market value and the annual lease value for property in Gyrtoni Larissa on behalf of real estate Public Company  Confidential
7 Estimate of the annual lease value of public property  VK 11 KY Cyclades (Elia Mikonou)  Confidential