Technical Services


The Technical Services department at AEGIS S.K. offers a full spectrum of technical study/report services, technical project management and advisory services applicable to the Real Estate, Energy and Renewables sectors. We liaise internally and externally to deliver complete solutions to businesses, high net-worth individuals, creditors and borrowers, as well as the Public Sector.

We are proud to be a member:

  • of the Registry of Recognized Valuers of the Ministry of Finance
  • of the Registry of Strategic Investment Evaluators/Advisors for Enterprise Greece

Real Estate

  • Property Valuations
  • REO – Property transfer maturity
  • Technical and urban planning studies
  • Study, Design, Licensing for Construction and Renovation Projects
  • Construction Project Management
  • Property Best Use Case Advisory Services

Energy and Renewables

  • Study, development, licensing for Renewable Energy Projects
  • Energy Inspections, Energy Certificate Issuance and Building Energy Class Upgrades
  • Upgrades to production operations and installations Energy Efficiency
  • Environmental Inspections and permits, Environmental Impact Studies, Waste Management Studies


AEGIS’ real estate services are tailor-made for projects of varying complexity, scale, technical subject matter and geography. Our experienced and certified professionals of all required disciplines have partnered with a network of local professionals in order to serve our customers anywhere in Greece.


Indicative Projects - REO


Reconstruction 1

Vacation Rentals

Design, Technical Reporting, Licensing and Construction of Vacation Rentals in South Evia.  


Property Valuations

Valuations of properties all over Greece for the Church of Greece, ETAD - HPPC, ReInvest, Alpha Bank, NBG, Cerved et al. 


P/V Plants

Design, Licensing and Construction of 125 turn-key P/V solutions in Greece.


Environmental Impact Studies

Delivery of 70 complex Environmental Impact Studies in the context of investment licensing. 


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