Funding Programmes

Aegis S.K. offers complete management advisory services to Public and Private Sector organizations, who are asked to design and implement programs financed by EU Structural Funds.

Private Sector

  • Greek Investment Law

  • Strategic Investments

  • EU Funding Programmes

  • National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)

  • Agricultural Programmes

  • Technical & financial evaluation for the eligibility of the enterprise initiative and selection of the funding structure

  • Preparation and submission of the investment Grant Application

  • Project management services, comprehensive Assessment Process support and Grant Disbursement supervision services

Public Sector

  • Sectoral Operational Programmes

  • Regional Operational Programmes

  • Territorial Cooperation Programmes

  • Support of PPP/PFI Transaction funding processes

  • Advisory services for the Design & Evaluation of Operational Programmes

  • Advisory services for Comprehensive Management of Co-funded Projects



Executed Projects


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Grant Disbursements


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Public Sector Projects

Official, Certified Evaluator for Large Investment Projects that fall under the Framework of the new Fast-Track law 3894/2010 for the Agency "Enterprise Greece"

Turn-key solutions for your investment project under our “aegis”, offering in addition to the submission of the Grant Application, engineering, procurement, construction services and optimization of the capital structure funding scheme.

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    Indicative Projects

    • Drafting of a new law which will provide a complete framework for investment incentives contributing to regional development, in the context of the European Commission’s new guidelines. The project’s subject matter consists of analyzing the new EU framework on state aid, as well as the current investments incentives law results, in order to propose interventions that will ensure regional and economic sectors development.

    • Presentation of lessons learned from interventions made during the 2014-2020 programming period and contribution to planning of the Operational Program “Competitiveness-Entrepreneurship-Innovation 2021-2027”, by using objective data, to ensure a documented approach to this exercise.

    • Elaboration of a business plan for the Thisvi Industrial Area Port as part of an application to recieve funding from the RRF, total budget €24 mn.

    • Elaboration of a business plan for the modernization and further expansion of «Grecian Magnesite S.A.» as part of filing  an application to request financing from the RRF. 


    Greek Investment Law

    Construction of 8 Wind Power Plants for Electrical Power of total Production of 179MW in Kafireas - Evia, Budget: 265 mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Process automation and computerization in modernization of the supply chain of a Metal Processing industry in Attiki, Budget : 9 mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Exploitation of the world-class magnesite deposits in the northern part of Euboea island, budget : 29 mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Development of 5 * hotel in Rhodes of 436 rooms / 806 beds, budget : 50 mil. €

    Semiramis Hotel. Yes! Hotels. Athens. Photo by Cathy Cunliffe 2010

    Greek Investment Law

    Modernization of a 4* hotel in Kifissia , budget : 9 mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Improving energy efficiency and tapping renewable energy sources (R.E.S), development and implementation of water-saving systems, waste management in a 4 * Hotel in Thasos


    Greek Investment Law

    Development of a fridge recycling plant in Korinthos budget : 4,5 mil €


    Greek Investment Law

    Construction of a photovoltaic station for electrical power production of 1,8MkW in Peloponisos, budget 6,3 mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Wind Power Plant for Electrical Power of total Production of 35MW in Korinthos, Budget: 45 mil.


    National Strategic Reference Framework

    Convert traditional stone-built old building to a boutique Hotel


    Agricultural Program

    Expansion of a hotel in Folegandros


    Greek Investment Law

    Construction of 13 photovoltaic stations for electrical power production of 79,98 kW in Kriti


    Greek Investment Law

    Construction of a Hydro Power Plant for Electrical Power Production of 10 ΜW in the Prefecture of Ioannina Budget : 26 mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Modernization and renovation of 5* Hotel in Athens Budget: 12mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Extension of 4 * Hotel building in Thassos Budget: 6mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Installation of CHP unit 84 MWe using steam technology, boiler heat & combustion gas in an Aluminum production industry. Budget: 48mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Construction of factory for the production of photovoltaic wafers Budget: 30mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Modernization of existing olive press plant and standardization and packaging of olive oil Budget: 1.5mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Modernization of 5* Hotel unit capacity of 1.130 beds in Kassandra Halkidiki


    Greek Investment Law

    Extension of the bricks production capacity for the existing brick plant in Kilkis Budget : 4mil. €


    Greek Investment Law

    Extension of the 5* Hotel in Thassos Budget: 87thous. €


    National Strategic Reference Framework

    Renewal of mechanical equipment for a processing company in Attiki


    National Strategic Reference Framework

    Development of an end-of-life cars recycling plant Budget: 1.5mil€


    National Strategic Reference Framework

    Modernizing equipment to enhance industrial subcontracting of a Plastics production industry Budget: 1.3mil€

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    National Strategic Reference Framework

    Installation of information system ERP, related equipment, hardware, construction WEB SITE & e-SHOP and development of software for a Steel structure production industry Budget: 23thous. €

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